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Lexaria Bioscience Continues To Execute

Last week, Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (Nasdaq: LEXX) reported two major developments that our readers should be aware of. 

The more significant announcement was Lexaria awarding a contract for clinical research organization (CRO) services to California-based InClin, Inc. The contract is for its upcoming Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-registered, U.S. Phase 1b Investigational New Drug (IND) hypertension study with its patented DehydraTECH-powered cannabidiol (DehydraTECH-CBD).

The clinical study will evaluate safety and tolerability of DehydraTECH-CBD as a potential treatment for hypertension and we expect positive data to serve as a major catalyst for the stock. The appointment of InClin should expedite the study by quickly commencing study start-up and preparatory activities.

By starting these activities, it will take less time for Lexaria to start patient dosing after the expected FDA IND filing and review is completed. The management team expects to file the IND this summer which should allow it to start dosing patients as early as October. 

Based on the management team’s FDA pre-IND meeting in August 2022, we expect the company to hit these milestones. Lexaria has already started working with its regulatory and clinical advisors on the upcoming IND submission and we are favorable on this. 

During the last year, Lexaria has been working tirelessly with its regulatory and clinical advisors on refining the study plan and preparing for the IND submission. The work the company has done was based on the pre-IND guidance it received from the FDA. Currently, Lexaria is working on one of the final requirements to submitting its formal IND application to the FDA and we are closely following this aspect of the business. 

Further Strengthens Its IP Portfolio

A few days before Lexaria awarded its CRO contract, the company reported to have received notifications of four new patents either awarded or allowed. This development represents an important achievement for its intellectual property portfolio and we are favorable on the diversity of the patents. 

The newly awarded or allowed patents were from Japan, Canada, Australia, and the US. These were not Lexaria’s first awarded or allowed patents in the countries. We believe the development further strengthened the company’s IP portfolio in these markets and consider this to be an underappreciated aspect of the story. 

After the awarding of these patents, Lexaria’s total patent portfolio will have grown to 32 granted patents worldwide. We are bullish on the strength of the company’s IP portfolio and are favorable on how the management team continues to focus on this aspect of the business.

An Undervalued Growth Story

During the last month, Lexaria has come under pressure and we believe the weakness has created a great opportunity for investors. From advancing clinical trials to strengthening its IP portfolio, Lexaria has been nothing short of an execution story. We are favorable on how the management team has been executing and find the valuation to be attractive at current levels.

For biotech companies, valuations tend to surge higher when positive clinical trial data is reported. According to Bay Bridge Bio, typical company valuations at the start of Phase I are USD $88 million and USD $248 million at the start of Phase II. Based on these valuations, we believe Lexaria has substantial upside potential.

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