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Infinity Stone Ventures Is Laser Focused On Adding Strategic Mineral Assets To Its Growing Portfolio

ByMichael Berger

Jul 20, 2022

Last month, we highlighted Infinity Stone Ventures Corp. (CSE: GEMS) (OTC Pink: TLOOF) (FSE: B2I) as a diversified, single source critical energy metals explorer that is flying under the radar that we feel deserves an update as the management team continues to execute their multi-faceted growth strategy. 

By executing on a series of inorganic and organic growth initiatives, the management team has enhanced Infinity Stone’s growth prospects and we are bullish on the assets which were recently acquired. We believe the critical energy metals supplier has a favorable risk-reward profile and several potential major growth catalysts.

Although 2022 has been a period of strong growth for the critical energy metals market, the trend has recently lost momentum impacting companies like Infinity Stone. We are of the opinion that the recent weakness is transitory and consider the company’s valuation to be even more attractive after the recent pressure. 

A Company with Catalysts for Growth 

There are several reasons for our bullish outlook on Infinity Stone and want to highlight the core pillars of our thesis on the business:

  1. Infinity Stone owns a diversified portfolio of 100% owned properties which are expected to provide the firm with a significant amount of lithium, copper, and graphite
  2. The management team is in the process of exploring several properties that are known to have large LCT (lithium Cesium tantalum) pegmatites with known spodumene minerals already identified.
  3. Assay results from the Zen-Whoberi Copper cobalt project are expected to show significant mineralization of copper, cobalt, platinum and palladium 
  4. Due to its focus on critical minerals, Infinity Stone has received large tax incentives
  5. The management team has a proven track record with all types of industrial mineral exploration projects giving us confidence on the collective expertise of the leadership team

Before the end of the summer, we expect to receive results from the Zen-Whoberi Copper Cobalt project. The management team is excited to starting drilling at least two of the companies best projects early fall providing significant share appreciation catalysts. 

We are bullish on the type of critical minerals that Infinity Stone is focused on developing and consider this to be a core pilar of our bullish thesis on the business. Rising demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has played a key role in the meteoric rise in critical mineral prices and we believe that Infinity Stone (GEMS) is very well positioned to capitalize on this trend.

According to a report from Benchmark Minerals, the EV industry could be impacted by a shortage of batteries that are needed for EVs. We believe Infinity Stone’s properties will appreciate due to the supply-demand dynamic and will monitor how the projects advance in the coming months. 

Executing on a Acquisition and Growth Strategy  

Last month, Infinity Stone reported to have entered into a property option agreement with Quartier Minerals Inc. to acquire up to 100% of a project which is located near Mont-Laurier, Quebec. As part of the agreement, Quartier will receive a 2.5% net smelter returns royalty (NSR) of which, Infinity Stone can repurchase 1% of the NSR for $1.5 million.

After a field survey recently recovered a sample of lithium bearing Spodumene, Infinity Stone plans to conduct further exploration in the coming weeks. We are bullish on the potential value that is associated with the Galaxy Pegmatite Project. The project covers 22 mineral claims (has 2 pending claims) applications which are comprised of 1,411 hectares in southern Quebec. The geographic location of project is significant because it can be easily accessed from a highway which goes through the middle of it.

Another reason for our bullish outlook on the project is due to the property being underlain by at least 30 known pegmatite exposures. The reports are based previous exploration by (Petawaga Mining Corporation) which identifies the five minerals associated with the pegmatites being lepidolite, columbite, samarskite, euxenite, and thorianite.

An Emerging Growth Story 

Infinity Stone is well positioned to capitalize on the rising demand for critical energy metals by supplying battery and wind turbine manufacturers, nuclear and hydrogen energy producers, and energy metals speculators. The management team has been targeting properties that are in stable mining-friendly jurisdictions and near final use manufacturing hubs in North America.

We are of the opinion that Infinity Stone (GEMS) is led by a management team that has a long track record of success in the mining industry. After speaking with the team, we became more confident in the opportunity and believe the company is executing on a strategy to create significant value for shareholders.

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