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Healixa Inc. Is Building A Platform Solution To Improve The Quality Of Life In The Developing World

ByMichael Berger

Aug 16, 2021

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has put pressure on several major industries, the healthcare and the technology industries have been able to capitalize on the current market environment.

Healixa, Inc. (OTC Pink: EMOR) is a business that has pivoted to be better positioned to capitalize on a changing market environment. Healixa is a technology company focusing on building and acquiring innovative and disruptive technologies in the HealthTech, Clean Water Generation and GreenTech industries.  Healixa owns assets in clean water, healthtech, clean energy and fintech. Healixa embraces innovation by combining its intellectual properties, patents, strategic collaborations, and partnerships to create a “LaunchPad” of disruptive sustainable products.

Healixa offers value-based tech solutions to enterprise partner channels that are focused on a broad range of industries (i.e. Atmospheric Water Harvesting®, zero emission clean energy and digital access to quality care). During the last month, the company has reported a series of positive developments and is an opportunity that we are highly focused on.

Reports a Key Milestone for its Prescription Delivery Business

A few weeks ago, Healixa reported a major development to ramp up its prescription delivery business as part of its global rideshare strategic relationship. Healixa announced that it partnered with a globally recognized ride share company to offer “last-mile” delivery services of scripts directly to the customer’s doorstep. Partnering with a global ride share company allows Healixa to service almost any large metropolitan area and being able to services their customers on-demand will help EMOR to penetrate those markets.

Healixa began with a pilot program in order to test all of the systems necessary to deliver a large number of scripts in a large metropolitan area. This gave Healixa the data they needed to be able to better educate drivers and improve adoption by drivers, as well as to test bugs and exceptions in the delivery process and user experience. The next step would be to fully launch the last-mile delivery services in a large metropolitan area.

This partnership with one of the largest global ride share companies was the last piece of the puzzle for Healixa; it gives the Company the ability to go national (or even global) rapidly. Last mile delivery service is expensive and hard to setup and by working with a global ride share company that already has the network built, Healixa can focus on driving script volume, onboarding doctors and providing additional value to the patient. An additional benefit is that the new partner already has millions of users in their eco-systems and by embedding Healixa’s solution into the offering, the Company can expand quickly and spend less money on customer acquisition.

We really like the approach that Healixa has taken and we believe that this is the only way for the Company to compete with Amazon and similar multinational companies in the future. The management team is highly focused on executing on a national expansion and we will be monitoring how the story advances from here.

So far, Healixa has been laser focused on launching PurelyRx’s national pharmacy business plan which includes its prescription delivery application. During the last two months, Healixa has been nothing short of an execution story and its PurelyRx’s delivery application has been verified and has tested all of the key systems and applications to deliver on demand and batch prescriptions across the country.

One of the reasons for our favorable view on PurelyRx’s innovative application is related to how it has advanced Healixa’s capacity and its ability to reach. The proprietary state-of-the-art technology platform allows the business to service customers that are located across the country while also rapidly expanding its national digital pharmacy footprint.

PurelyRx’s initial launch took place in Dallas and the business has started to expand in other states (as of July 19th). Over the next quarter, Healixa CEO Ian Parker expects the company to report 3 major milestones for PurelyRx as it starts to benefit from the amount of development and strategic market positioning work that was completed in recent months.

Through PurelyRx’s delivery application, Healixa has delivered more than 200 prescriptions through two pilot pharmacy locations and we are favorable on the initial results. Over the next month, the company expects to add several more pharmacies to the platform and we are bullish on the growth profile that is associated with this vertical.

Another reason for our favorable view on Healixa’s strategic relationship with PurelyRx’s is related to the amount of verticals of the healthcare industry that could benefit from the use of the delivery application. Going forward, Healixa’s management team expects to number of ways the platform can be used for to significantly increase and we believe this could prove to be a catalyst for the business.

Shareholder Letter Provides Insight into the Operation

Last month, Healixa CEO Ian Parker issued an open letter to shareholders that provided great insight on the growth and the evolution of the operator. In the letter, Parker highlighted the portfolio of healing technologies that are owned by the business as well as the slow rollout strategy of such technologies.

Healixa believes that the engineered technologies that it owns have the capability to generate substantial amounts of revenue while positively impacting the world. The construction of the portfolio can be attributed to a select group of executives at Healixa and we will monitor how the story advances from here.

Healixa’s portfolio of healing technology provides the platform with omnichannel care approach that is associated with its four core beliefs:

  1. Care Communities – Believes in building sustainable communities that focus on quality of life
  2. Energy Sustainability – Believes that advanced green technology is critical to the future of human sustainability
  3. Continuous Health – Believes that affordable comprehensive quality personal care should be attainable by all
  4. Water Access – Believes access to clean drinking water is a necessity, and a human right.

Healixa is laser focused on the digital care market and plans to capitalize on it through a variety of unique, convenient, personalized healing technologies through one simplified care ecosystem. The company has taken a strategic approach to growth and its calculated launch of novel technologies includes intellectual properties, patents, strategic collaborations, and partnerships.

From the incubation to commercialization stage, Healixa’s team have focused on the foundational pieces that are needed to build an adaptable command center and product launch pad for truly sustainable communities..

One of the aspects of Healixa that makes the business unique is related to the type of biometric scan technology that it owns. Currently, there are only a few companies that have technology that can compete with Healixa. By using the camera on a mobile device, the company can take your vital signs and report them back to your physician instantly.

Going forward, Healixa’s goal is to solidify and extend its leverage to the US healthtech market while continuing to execute on previously announced green tech global market initiatives. To provide more confidence in the technology, the management team reported to have independent reviewers validating the potential for the business in the markets its targeting.

A Business with Attractive Long-Term Growth Prospects

Healixa is led by a management team that is focused on long-term growth and that believes that a fundamental measure of our success will be the shareholder value the business creates. This dynamic is a direct result of the management team’s ability to broaden and solidify its market position as leaders in technology acquisition and development.

The management team believes that Healixa will report higher revenue, better profitability, greater capital velocity, and higher returns on invested capital by executing on its strategy of becoming a technology leader.

Healixa plans to continue to aggressively invest to expand and leverage its technology portfolio, brand, and infrastructure to fast track the establishment of an enduring franchise. One of the reasons we are excited about the opportunity is related to how the leadership team plans to make investment decisions that are related to a long-term market leadership strategy instead of short-term profitability decisions. We believe this approach is the best strategy for creating long-term value and will monitor how the story advances from here.

Another reason for our excited view of Healixa is related to how it balances efforts on growth with emphasis on long-term profitability and capital management. Currently, the company has prioritized growth as it believes that scale is crucial to maximizing profitability and efficiency.

A good portion of growth is related to Healixa’s ability to hire and retain versatile and talented human capital that are primarily being paid stock options instead of cash. We believe this is an important aspect of the story as the executives are highly levered to the performance of the business.

Some of the patented technology that is owned by Healixa has already received significant interest from Department of Defense experts, Special Operations Experts, United Nations, foreign governments, pharmaceutical companies, and industry leaders. In the coming months, the company plans to release more information on its healing technologies.

A Multi-Faceted Growth Story that is Flying Under the Radar

In the letter from CEO Parker, the company outlined its core goals for 2021 and we have highlighted them below:

  1. Rapidly deploy its unified digital care eco-system to the market
  2. Unveil its game changing water technology
  3. Continue to grow by expanding its reach, building out the brand, and gaining knowledge
  4. Make sound investments to support consumer’s core needs
  5. Expand internationally and build sustainable communities in these markets

At current levels, we believe that Healixa has a favorable risk-reward profile and significant potential catalysts for growth. We believe the market is discounting the potential that is associated with the technology that is owned by the platform and this is an opportunity that our readers need to be aware of.

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This press release may include predictions, estimates or other information that might be considered forward-looking within the meaning of applicable securities laws, including statements related to the Company’s ability to support its continued growth and fund the business’ sales and financial goals for at least the remainder of fiscal 2021 with proceeds remaining from its recent offering. While these forward-looking statements represent the Company’s current judgments, they are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially, including risks and uncertainties associated with market conditions. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which reflect the opinions of the Company’s management only as of the date of this release. Please keep in mind that the Company is not obligating itself to revise or publicly release the results of any revision to these forward-looking statements in light of new information or future events. When used herein, words such as: “potential,” “expect”, “look forward,” “believe,” “dedicated,” “building,” or variations of such words and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements.

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