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Boosh Continues To Expand Its North American Sales Channels Bringing High Quality Plant Based Foods To The Masses

ByMichael Berger

Jan 19, 2022

Last week, Boosh Plant-Based Brands Inc. (CSE: VEGI) (OTCQB: VGGIF) (FSE: 77I) announced a major milestone and received confirmation from Save On Foods, a prominent Canadian grocery retailer, for the delivery of four of its frozen bowls to at least 120 stores in Western Canada.

We expect the increase to serve as a catalyst for the business and believe the market is discounting the potential value that can be generated through the relationship. From a distribution standpoint, Save On Foods represents a strategic partner and will monitor how the relationship evolves after the first delivery in April.

The products that Boosh will deliver are the Veggie Bolognese which includes Beyond Meat™, Coconut Curry Cauli, Mac & Cheese & Peas, and Mexican Fiesta Bowl. We are favorable on diversity of the bowls that were included in the delivery order and believe this will play an important role with how the plant-based brand attracts new customers.

A Relationship with Substantial Upside Potential

An important part of the agreement is related to how Save On Foods’ sister companies, Natures Fare and Nester’s, which will also sell Boosh’s product line. We consider Save On Foods to be a strategic partner for the plant-based brand and expect to see an increase in the number of stores that carry the product line after the April order. The prominent Canadian grocer is the flagship chain of Jim Pattison Group with 170 stores in British Columbia (BC) and Alberta.

Following the order from Save On Foods, Boosh’s management team expects to be selling products in more than 1,000 grocery stores in Canada by the end of the year. With the order, the plant-based brand is available in more than 600 stores throughout Canada, and we are favorable on how this positively impacts the growth profile of the business.

We believe the order represents a major milestone for Boosh and is a testament to strength of the brand. Over the next year, we expect Boosh to form relationships with additional high-profile grocery chains in North America and consider this to be one of the most significant potential growth catalysts for the company over the long-term.

An Emerging Growth Story to be Aware of

Currently, Boosh offer 24 plant-based SKU’s and we are favorable on the diversity of the product line. From shelf stable meals to refrigerated entrees, the management team has been executing on a strategy to increase the size of its total addressable market (TAM) and we believe the market is discounting the growth prospects that are associated with this strategy.

One of the initiatives that we are the most excited about is related to the focus on the food service industry. In late 2021, the company started to accept orders from an industry that includes hotels, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, catering, airlines, and more. A core reason for our bullish view on the food service pertains to how its product line can be used in a variety of ways to satisfy consumer demand

A core pillar of our thesis on Boosh is the management team’s strategy to increase the number of revenue streams that flow into the business. The food service industry is the company’s fifth revenue stream, and we are favorable on the diversity of them. During the last year, Boosh has executed on a multi-faceted growth strategy that leaves us confident in its ability to record strong growth on a quarter-over-quarter basis.

From completing accretive acquisitions to managing a North America e-commerce platform, we believe that Boosh has significant upside potential. We believe the management team is executing on a growth strategy that is centered around organic and inorganic initiatives and are bullish on the direction the business is heading. At current levels, we find the valuation to be attractive and believe the market is discounting the growth prospects that are associated with the plant-based brand.

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