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Boosh Brands Has Bolstered Its Sales Channels With A Major Canadian Grocery Chain

ByMichael Berger

Feb 4, 2022

Last month, we highlighted Boosh Plant-Based Brands Inc. (CSE: VEGI) (OTCQB: VGGIF) (FSE: 77I) as an execution and growth story that is flying under the radar.

From increasing the number of revenues streams it has to forming strategic relationships with large grocery chains, Boosh has been executing on a multi-faceted growth strategy and we are favorable on how the management team is advancing the business.

By executing on its growth strategy, Boosh is capturing additional market share from Canada’s plant-based market and we believe the market underappreciated the progress that has been made. Today, we have issued an update on the plant-based business and will continue to closely monitor the story.

Scales Relationship with a Major Canadian Grocer

Last week, Boosh reported a major milestone and received its first order from Save On Foods. The order is for all 170 locations in Canada which is considerably higher than expectations. Previously, the order would be for 120 stores, and we find the increase to be an important development for the relationship.

With placement in the additional store locations, Boosh should generate more revenue from the relationship with Save On Foods than what was initially expected. We consider the larger order to be a bullish indicator and will monitor how the relationship evolves on a going forward basis.

The initial order is scheduled for early April and includes at least one case per location. Each case will include four of Boosh’s frozen bowls (Veggie Bolognese with Beyond Meat™, Mac & Cheese & Peas, Coconut Curry Cauli and Mexican Fiesta) and we are favorable on the diversity of the order.

Boosh expects to generate approx. $100,000 of revenue from the order which will be come in over a six-week period. The management team is highly focused on optimizing its manufacturing schedule to satisfy the increasing demand from grocery stores across Canada.

An Execution Story in the Making

A key reason for our favorable long-term outlook on Boosh is related to how it prepares to capitalize on the increasing demand for its plant-based meals. We are bullish on how the management team is focused on handling re-orders from grocery stores and believe this strategy will increase the average lifetime value of a customer.

Another reason for our bullish outlook is related to how Boosh accomplishes the goals that it puts in place. We attribute this trait to the strength of the management team and will monitor how it accomplishes its goal of leveraging the infrastructure and foundation that was put in place in 2021 to scale the business and drive revenue growth in 2022.

During the last quarter, Boosh has come under pressure, and this has been a common theme for many burgeoning industries. We consider Boosh’s risk-reward profile to be favorable and believe the business has substantial growth catalysts. At current levels, we find the valuation to be compelling and our readers should be aware of the opportunity.

So far this year, Boosh has been flawlessly executing on several significant growth initiatives and we believe the market is discounting the growth prospects that are associated with such initiatives. The company recently made strategic upgrades to its equipment and packaging systems which should significantly increase production capacity and lead to the business reporting strong revenue growth.

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